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Urban Space and Health

Course number: P8717

Urban Space and Health examines "urbanism," the ecology of the city, as it is undermined by the "sorting out" process, originally pinpointed by Jane Jacobs in Death and Life of Great American Cities and explored in depth by Tom Hanchett in Sorting Out the New South City. With that dynamic relationship in mind, we explore a case of what happens to disease in the context of the weakened and divided city. The spread of AIDS in New York City, which was unleashed by the policy of "planned shrinkage," is the example. Then we examine how people can organize the fragmented city to improve the policies and the management of the urban system. During the course, students are encouraged to explore the city, to see these ideas "in situ." We use "Design Sketchbooks," a practice developed by the Pittsburgh architucture and urban palnning firm, Rothschild Doyno Collaborative, to document what we see and read. Students present a poster or audiovisual exploration of the city as their final project.