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Integrated Development Practice

Course number: U6043

This course aims to provide students with a general introduction to the basic core competencies and practical skills required of a generalist development practitioner. The course will be offered at a number of universities around the world, and each week students will have the opportunity to learn from an expert practitioner. Course topics will be grounded in a practical, multi-disciplinary approach that will focus on the inter-relationship of each of the following core fields of study: Public Health, Agriculture and Nutrition, Environment and Climate Science, Technology and Engineering, Economics, Policy, Anthropology and Social Studies, and Management. Both conceptual and practical management issues will be stressed throughout each course topic. The course will incorporate state-of-the-art web-based technologies for sharing lectures across countries, and to facilitate international discussion and collaboration among students at participating universities. Recitation is required. This course requires instructor permission to enroll. The process is competitive. For more information on the processes, please contact Denyse Dookie, the course TA, at