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Basic Practicum in Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Course number: ORLJ 5340

An experiential course aimed at developing basic collaborative negotiation and mediation skills for interpersonal conflict in a variety of contexts. Students will have the opportunity to develop more self awareness and basic collaborative negotiation skills with supervised practice. These skills include: identifying the difference between needs and positions, identifying and using cooperative as opposed to competitive strategies, identifying and avoiding fundamental attribution errors, learning to deal with anger and other behaviors in conflict situations; and gaining a better understanding of your role in these conflict situations. In the mediation component of the course, students will be trained in basic mediation skills and will have supervised practice of these skills. These skills include: setting up and opening a mediation, utilizing mediation guidelines to facilitate disputant communication, remaining impartial, reframing, facilitating brainstorming, facilitating cross cultural perspective taking and closing the mediation.