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Environmental Conflict Resolution Strategies

Course number: K4218

The natural environment provides a wide range of goods and services on which humans depend for survival, identity, livelihoods, and physical and emotional health. Rather than distinct from the natural world, societies are deeply connected to it. Because we are tied so directly and completely to the environment, both environmental conflicts and conflicts involving environmental drivers can be extremely complex and difficult to resolve. Moreover, the implementation of negotiated settlements can have unintended environmental and social impacts. Thus the metrics of success for conflict resolution must sometimes be expanded to include elements of environmental sustainability or reduction of natural hazards. Students participating in this course will gain: 1) grounding in social-ecological and environmental conflict resolution theory; 2) analytical frameworks for environmental conflict assessment; 3) exposure to a range of traditional ADR and innovative resource management techniques for pursuing environmental conflict resolution; and 4) knowledge and skills to evaluate the effectiveness of conflict intervention strategies.