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Center on Global Governance

Director: Michael W. Doyle

Director: Richard N. Gardner

(212) 854-7467

1314 International Affairs

Founded in March 2003, the center’s initiatives flow naturally from Columbia Law School’s exceptionally rich curriculum relating to global law issues. Its activities, in turn, affect that curriculum. As part of its regular curriculum, the Law School offers what is perhaps the largest number of courses and seminars of any U.S. law school, focusing on the challenges emerging from transnational movement of goods, capital, people, or ideas.

The backbone of our international and comparative law curriculum consists of seminars and courses dealing with global constitutionalism, the degradation of the global commons, transitional justice in the wake of mass atrocity, international crime and terrorism, the regulation of the multinational enterprise and transnational capital, immigration, and human rights. The center engages in ongoing review of the Law School's extensive curriculum and identifies collaborators for teaching and research from communities outside the Law School, including the worlds of practice and public policy.


Center on Global Governance

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