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Institute for Women, Religion and Globalization

Founding Director: Rev. Dr. Serene Jones

Program Director: Katherine Clark

(212) 280-1408

AU 129

Today, when women hold an unprecedented opportunity to influence economic development, conflict resolution, peace-building, health conditions and environmental justice across the globe, there is a clear imperative to better understand the role of women religious practitioners as significant political agents on the global stage. The Institute explores the relationship between women religious practitioners and political, economic, and social movements, locally, around the world, and in the larger context of international affairs.

Building on the diverse theological and academic resources already thriving at Union, the Institute serves as a convening presence for women religious leaders, scholars, and development professionals from around the world. In collaboration with other organizations and academic institutions, the Institute’s work revolves around three core commitments: the education of women as religious and spiritual leaders, the development of international scholars committed to cutting edge research, and programming for public engagement on topics related to women, religion, and globalization. 


  • Responding to Domestic Violence in Communities of Faith
  • Interfaith Prison Chaplaincy Training Program
  • Muftiyyah Training Program
  • The Judith Davidson Moyers Lecture
  • United Nations Collaborative Projects
  • Public Forum on Women, Religion, and Globalization 

Institute for Women, Religion and Globalization

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