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Shahar Sadeh

Adjunct Instructor

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Ms. Shahar Sadeh is an adjunct instructor with the Columbia University Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies, where she teaches a course entitled Environment and Sustainability in Israel – Between the Local and the Regional. Shahar is also a current PhD candidate at the Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University. Her field of Research is "Environmental Peacemaking in the Middle East". She is investigating various case studies of the relations between Israel and its neighbors and looks into past and present (governmental and nongovernmental) efforts to establish Peace Parks on their mutual borders.

Shahar got her degrees from Tel Aviv University, her BA from the Political Science Department and her MA from the Sociology and Anthropology Department writing her thesis about "The Israeli Environmental NGO's and the construction of the Security Fence".


  • Environmental peace building
  • Environmental peacemaking
  • Peace Parks
  • Borders and cross border environmental projects
  • Environmental aspects of the Israeli-Arab conflict


Shahar has been involved in the environment and peace camps in Israel for many years. She worked for a few years as a project manager at the Geneva Initiative Israel, an NGO which promotes a final status agreement model between Israel and Palestine. In recent years she coordinated the "Forum on Environment and Regional Sustainability" at the Van Leer Jerusalem institute, working with Jordanians, Palestinians and Israeli environmentalists.


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