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Shahar Sadeh, Director, Faculty Engagement Program - Jewish Community Relations Council of New York

Visiting Scholar, NYU





Profile Image Dr. Shahar Sadeh is the Director of the Faculty Engagement Program at the Jewish Community Relation Council of NY. Since 2014 she has been working with faculty members all across NYC to create and enhance nuance discussions about Israel and the Israeli Palestinian conflict on university and college campuses. She curated and led many academic events, workshops as well as academic study tours to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Dr. Sadeh is a scholar-practitioner in the fields of Environmental Diplomacy and Environmental Peacemaking. She is currently co-teaches at Columbia University a course on environmental politics in Israel and until recently was a Visiting Scholar at NYU. Her research work is focused on environmental peacemaking in the Middle East. She has investigated past and present efforts to develop and implement environmental enterprises along Israeli-Arab borders. Shahar received her degrees from Tel Aviv University. Shahar's interest in the Environmental Peacemaking field is not mere academic and she has been part of the environmental movement and the peace camp in Israel for many years. In 2007 she had co- founded and coordinated the “Van Leer Jerusalem Forum on Environment and Regional Sustainability, which focused on creating and enhancing cooperation between Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian environmental experts (scientists, non-governmental and governmental actors), building capacity and deepening the knowledge on shared environmental problems and opportunities. Shahar worked with many NGOs in Israel and played a part in various environmental initiatives both in local and in regional scale.


  • Environmental peace building
  • Environmental peacemaking
  • Peace Parks
  • Borders and cross border environmental projects
  • Environmental aspects of the Israeli-Arab conflict


Shahar has been involved in the environment and peace camps in Israel for many years. She worked for a few years as a project manager at the Geneva Initiative Israel, an NGO which promotes a final status agreement model between Israel and Palestine. In recent years she coordinated the "Forum on Environment and Regional Sustainability" at the Van Leer Jerusalem institute, working with Jordanians, Palestinians and Israeli environmentalists.


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