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André Corrêa d'Almeida

Adjust Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs

Assistant Director of MPA in Development Practice

Senior Advisor to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for program evaluation


International Affairs Building, Room 1435


André Corrêa d’Almeida, PhD, is a political economist and a designer of learning environments with several management and academic leading roles at Columbia University in the fields of international education programs, institutional design and sustainable development. As a trust-builder he strives to develop new collaborative approaches to address issues of coordinated action around the world. He has experience at the management level in the U.S., Europe, South-East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. André has had research published in several areas of Social Economics and Institutional Development and has received multiple research awards. He currently leads programs in NYC, Kazakhstan, Egypt, China and Portugal.



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Corrêa d'Almeida, A. (2001). Tibet: Spirits of the Mountain. Nethnics, FNAC, Lisbon.




Founder and Program Director of:

  • China Sustainability Project: Environment, Energy and Politico-Economic Ecosystems.
    The mission is to develop a knowledge network of practical approaches and solutions with students, scholars, and policy makers from both Columbia University and China to maximize collaborative approaches for sustainable development in China. A special focus is paid to environment, energy and politico-economic ecosystems.
  • Kazakhstan Sustainable Development Visiting Scholar Program.
    This 15 weeks program will bring graduate-level scholars from Kazakhstan that demonstrate a focus on various sustainable development issues of Central Asia to Columbia University in the City of New York to study alongside world-renowned research scientist at The Earth Institute.  

Other programs being developed:







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