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Bruce Shapiro

Executive Director, Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

(212) 854-8056

303 Journalism

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Bruce Shapiro is executive director of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, encouraging innovative reporting on violence, conflict and tragedy worldwide from the Center’s headquarters at Columbia University in New York City. An award-winning reporter on human rights, criminal justice and politics, Shapiro is a contributing editor at The Nation and U.S. correspondent for Late Night Live on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National.




As an investigative journalist and commentator Shapiro has covered terrain ranging from inner-city neighborhoods to the chambers of the U.S. Supreme Court. Beginning in the mid-1990s Shapiro began extensive reporting on crime victims and American society, and documented the intersection of politics and violence on issues ranging from capital punishment to combat trauma. He was national correspondent for, and wrote for the New York Times Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian and numerous other publications worldwide.

Shapiro’s most recent book is Shaking the Foundations: 200 Years of Investigative Journalism in America (Nation Books). He is co-author of Legal Lynching: The Death Penalty and America's Future, with Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (New Press). He teaches investigative journalism at Yale University, and has been featured as a commentator on the BBC, CNN, Fox News and NPR.


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