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Center for Institutional and Social Change

Director: Susan Sturm

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The Center engages in action-research projects with institutional, community, and student leadership involved in initiatives undertaken to advance full participation and public problem solving. Our collaborative projects and networks develop actionable knowledge, expand organizational capacities, support broader policy change, and increase collective impact.

The Center helps individuals and institutions figure out what full participation looks like in their settings and how they can catalyze change needed to advance toward that vision. We bring a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to this work, through strategic visioning and inquiry, multi-method research, institutional capacity building, systems-level assessment, and education.


The Center collaborates with innovative institutions and individuals pursuing full participation and institutional citizenship goals, within and across specific institutional settings. Projects serve to frame, analyze, strengthen, and build out from these efforts and to produce usable, scalable knowledge and tools, and to build the capacity of participants to sustain and increase desired impact. 


  • Building Pathways from Criminal Justice to College
  • Building the Architecture of Full Participation
  • College Access Programs as Levers for Systems Change
  • Culture and Community Initiative
  • Indicators of Institutional Transformation
  • Lawyers as Boundary Spanning Intermediaries: Facilitating Higher Education Access for Undocumented Students
  • Linking Diversity and Public Engagement
  • Transformative Leadership Networks for Social Change

Center for Institutional & Social Change

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