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Barnard Center for Research on Women

Director: Janet Jakobsen

Associate Director: Catherine Sameh

Program Manager: Anne Jonas


101 Barnard Hall

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Since its founding in 1971, the Barnard Center for Research on Women (BCRW) has been at the very forefront of feminist action and scholarship. BCRW promotes women’s and social justice issues in the local spheres of the Barnard College community and academic and activist networks in New York City, as well as having a voice in national and transnational feminist organizing and research. We are a well-recognized nexus of feminist thought, activism, and collaboration for scholars and activists alike.

BCRW’s mission, “to assure that women can live and work in dignity, autonomy, and equality,” is pursued through programming and events, production and distribution of print- and web-based publications, and collaboration with local and national activist and academic networks. Each semester, we host a series of lectures, conferences, and panel discussions, bringing scholars, artists, and activists to campus to share their work with students, faculty, and the larger community. In recent years, we have brought to Barnard scholars Lisa Lowe, Angela Davis, and Saba Mahmood; journalists Naomi Klein and Laura Flanders; Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams; media activist Rinku Sen, and many other prominent figures. BCRW’s programming invites and challenges feminist scholars and activists to apply carefully nuanced ways of thinking to current issues as varied and complex as global climate change and the growing environmental crisis, alternatives to violence in a post-9/11 world, and the ethical dilemmas posed by new reproductive technologies. Our publications, including the webjournal S&F Online and the report series New Feminist Solutions, build on the conversations started at our events, and advance cutting-edge feminist theory and practice. All of our materials, including podcasts and videos of many of our events, are available online.


Barnard Center for Research on Women
BCRW Publication: New Feminist Solutions
BCRW Publication: The Scholar and Feminist Online

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