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Barry Sommer, M.Ed.

Lecturer in Continuing Education

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Barry Sommer is a licensed educational psychologist, certified school psychologist, and a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice with the Helix Group in Visalia, California. Teaching, training, consultation and facilitation for schools, businesses, and health organizations is a special interest. His primary goal is to support personal, family, community, and organizational development and health. Sommer is a graduate of Cornell University and Queens College of the City of New York, with degrees in human development, psychology, and education. For almost thirty years, Sommer served as the director of student and family services for the Pixley Union School District. He has directed the Collaborative Leadership Institute, a project of the Tulare County Office of Education designed to ensure the continuing vitality of emerging leaders, and motivating them to work together. Currently, in addition to private practice in psychology, training and consultation, Sommer serves as the director of school and community development for the Lindsay Unified School District. Sommer teaches a course on interpersonal dynamics and conflict in the Masters in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program at Columbia.


K4124:  Intrapersonal Dynamics & Conflict


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