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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (NECR) - Master of Science

Director: Beth Fisher-Yoshida

Assistant Director: Connie Sun

(212) 851-5957

203 Lewisohn Hall

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Columbia’s master’s program in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution that can be completed on a part- or full-time basis, combines theory and applied training to prepare students to develop practical models for negotiating and resolving disputes among parties with differing objectives and desires. This graduate program is part of a rich history of conflict resolution at Columbia University.

The graduate program’s training philosophy is grounded in a commitment to interactive, dialogue-based methods of managing and resolving conflict. The focus is on building common ground, establishing dialogue, applying practical skills, ensuring representation and recognition, and forging relationships.

The program trains students to:

  • Adopt a mindset that is self-aware and sensitive to diverse populations of people in various settings
  • Consider alternative perspectives from differing worldviews
  • Apply sound conflict analysis models, tools and processes
  • Understand system dynamics and complexity of issues and actors
  • Develop a reflective practice of learning
  • Work toward reaching constructive outcomes through the use of collaborative processes
  • Use theory to inform their understanding, and apply pragmatic approaches to resolving conflicts

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