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Katharina Kugler, Ph.D.

Researcher, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich

Research Associate - MD-ICCCR

+49 (0) 89/2180-5204

Munich, Germany

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Katharina Kugler, Ph.D. is a researcher in psychology at the University of Munich, Germany. Currently she holds a Fellowship in Complexity and Conflict from the ICCCR to study at Teachers College and to work as a Research Assistant for Professor Coleman at the ICCCR. Katharina Kugler received her “Diplom” (combined B.A. and M.A.) in Psychology at the University of Munich, Germany. During her graduate studies she studied for one year at Teachers College, holding a Fulbright Scholarship. Her main research interest is in the role of emotions in conflicts. She contributed previously to a series of studies, which elaborated on how the experience of humiliation fuels intractable conflicts. Currently her research concentrates on conflicts within organizations, employing the dynamical systems theory approach. 


  • Conflicts in Organisations
  • Conflicts and Complexity
  • Team processes, team adaptivity 

ORLJ 4811: Power and Conflict


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