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Matthew Connelly, Ph.D.

Professor of History

Faculty Fellow, Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy

(212) 854-4563

403 Fayerweather Hall

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Matthew Connelly, professor, works on the history of eugenics, migration, and birth control. His most recent book, Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population, has just been published by Harvard University Press. His research articles have appeared in such journals as Population and Development Review, Comparative Studies in Society and History, The International Journal of Middle East Studies, The American Historical Review, Journal of Global History, and Past & Present. He has also published commentary on international affairs in The Atlantic Monthly and The National Interest. He received his B.A. from Columbia (1990) and his Ph.D. from Yale (1997).

From My work seeks to offer new, more productive ways to think about the history – and future – of world politics. My current research is on planning and predictions, especially for planetary threats like nuclear war and pandemics. These are challenging subjects, since the historical record is vast and a large but indeterminate part of it remains classified. I am therefore working with computer scientists and statisticians to try to uncover the scope and nature of official secrecy, and perhaps even venture predictions about what a fuller accounting might reveal.


G8930: Approaches to International/Global History
W4914: The Future As History


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