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Clymer D. Bardsley, Esq.

Adjuct Associate Professor


232 Horace Mann

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Clymer D. Bardsley, Esq. is the Director of Divorce Done Right, a divorce mediation group with its headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. In that position he mediates matters including divorce, custody, and related family matters and coordinates the group’s marketing, outreach, and administration, and supports the other mediators with their cases. DDR serves people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Florida. At the ICCCR, Clymer teaches the Basic Practicum in Conflict Resolution and is on the faculty of TC’s Summer Principals Academy in both New Orleans and New York City. Clymer got his start in dispute resolution at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. He then taught mediation at The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law. Prior to joining DDR, he worked at the Good Shepherd Mediation Program, where he trained lawyers, other professionals, and community leaders in mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution. Clymer regularly mediates in Philadelphia Family Court, where he mediates divorce and custody disputes and facilitates dependency conferences. He also serves as a mediator and EASE Settlement Envoy for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In his younger years, Clymer was a prosecutor for the New York City Law Department and a U.S. History Teacher.


ORLJ 5340: Basic Practicum in Conflict Resolution & MediationBasic Practicum in Conflict Resolution


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