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Neil G. Boothby, Ed.D.

Allan Rosenfield Professor of Forced Migration and Health of Population and Family Health

(212) 342-5208

60 Haven Ave., B-4

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Dr. Neil Boothby is an internationally recognized expert and advocate for children affected by war and displacement. As a senior representative of UNICEF, UNHCR and Save the Children, he has worked for more than 20 years with children in crises in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. As director of the Program on Forced Migration and Health at the Mailman School, his research focuses on the psychosocial consequences of organized violence on children. He is also the recipient of several awards for his fieldwork, including the Red Cross Humanitarian of the Year Award, for his work with child soldiers, the Mickey Leyland Award, for his work on behalf of uprooted people, the United Nation's Golden Achievement Award, for excellence in social sector activities, and Duke University's Humanitarian Service Award.


Mozambican Child Soldier Life Outcome Study
Neil Boothby is principal investigator of the Mozambique Child Soldier Life Outcome Study. The study is examining the long-term psychological, social and economic effects of child soldiering. His work documents the life outcome of former child soldiers, and offers insights into what aspects of organized international assistance helped their recoveries and reintegration into society. Countries: Mozambique

CPC Learning Network
Neil Boothby is principal investigator and executive director of the Child Care and Protection Interagency Learning Network, a consortium of over 50 agencies and academic institutions that work together on program learning needs associated with children in disaster and war settings. The Program on Forced Migration and Health serves as the CPC Network's secretariat. Countries: Indonesia

Impact Study of UNICEF's Response to the Tsunmai: 2005-2008
Neil Boothby is the senior researcher for a multi-country impact evaluation of UNICEF responses to child protection concerns in the aftermath of the tsunami. Countries: Indonesia


P8620: Protecting Children in War/Disaster
P8687: Public Health and Humanitarian Action
P8688: Forced Migration and Health Practicum Seminar


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